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Your roof is your home's first line of defense against the elements.  Consider the conditions your roof must endure: scorching summer temperatures, freezing winter temperatures, wind, rain, snow, ice and UV rays. With this constant exposure to the elements, your roof never has a day off. Selecting the right roof is critical to the protection of your home and everything in it.  

The best shingle is worthless if installed improperly. You also need to consider who is installing your shingles. Here is our detailed installation process:

1) Tear off existing shingles -  Some companies will do a lay-over and say it saves money on labor.  While true, it is better to start from scratch and tear off because without removing the existing shingles, we cannot inspect for rotted wood or any other leaks your roof may have.

2) Inspect the wood / sheathing -  Any rotted wood must be replaced prior to new shingles being installed.

3) Ice and water protection along gutter lines, valleys and protrusions -  A thick layer of rubberized asphalt, it prevents water from clogged gutters or sitting snow to crawl back into your home.

4) Drip-edge -  A modified L-shaped flashing used along the eaves. Directs runoff water into gutters and away from roof line, helping to prevent ice-damming.

5) Underlayment -  Choose from 15lb to 30lb felt paper or synthetics.  This a moisture barrier for the roof.  Prevents wood rot from moisture buildup.

6) Flashing -  A corrosion resistant metal that overlaps joints created by the intersection of roof & roof-mounted structures such as sky-lites, chimneys, vent stacks, pipes, etc.  Proper flashing will prevent water leaks.  If your home has a leak or water stains on drywall, it's most likely bad flashing.

7) Ridge Vent - Installed to help ventilate the attic.  Properly vented roofs will prevent mold and rotted wood in the attic.

8) Shingles -  A proper installation must have:

    A) Properly trained installers. Nails must be driven straight. Nails must never be nailed at an angle as they can cut the shingle and cause leaks.

    B) Galvanized nails should be used to prevent rust. Four nails per shingle.

    C) Proper clean up. Extra care must be made to not damage and trees, bushes or shrubs. All nails picked up with a magnetic rake and all trash hauled away.

We work with the top manufacturers in the nation:



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25yr, 30yr and Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

GAF   -   Certainteed   -   Owens Corning


Wide array of shingles

3-tab, Architectural, Cedar, Slate shingles all available.


We use only the top quality underlayments, flashing, vents, flashing and water protection to ensure your roof lasts as long as you live in your home.



Extended labor warranty

Most roof leaks are due to faulty installations.  We extend our labor warranty to give you peace of mind for as long as you own your home.



Certified Installers

Factory trained experts installing and servicing your roof for as long as you own your home.



48hr emergency response

Any roof leaks are addressed immediately to prevent further damage.